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Have you been in an accident and need compensation for your injuries?

You have a right to hire a New York personal injury lawyer to assist you in filing a personal injury claim. The Law Offices of Jonathan Davis offers a free consultation to see how we may help you.

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About Personal Injury Cases

According to the civil justice system, victims of accidents can pursue legal means to seek justice for the losses resulting from injuries caused by others.

Although there are many events that may count as a personal injury, examples of cases that personal injury covers include:

  • Collision of bikes
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Construction site injuries
  • Subway accidents
  • Car accidents

In the event of a death, the victims or their surviving next of kin may receive the compensation that the offender pays. An insurance company might pressure you to settle your personal injury case, but you do not have to take the offer. Many insurance companies may not pay you what you think your case might be worth. You can seek legal help to try and get the compensation to which you may be entitled.

The Definition of a Severe Personal Injury in New York

Although some of these accidents are not preventable, sometimes they happen due to human error or carelessness. Often, victims of such accidents struggle with emotional, physical, and financial challenges for weeks, months, or even years.

Several instances may constitute a severe injury, such as:

  • Injuries that result in loss of life
  • Dismemberment
  • Notable disfigurement
  • Bone injuries
  • Miscarriage
  • Impairment or loss of a body organ
  • Limitation to the normal functioning of a body part, organ, or system

According to New York Law ISC 5102, severe injury can be categorized under any permanent medically determined condition that significantly affects an individual’s healthy life and productivity for more than 90 days within six months following the occurrence of the accident.In the United States, a catastrophic or devastating injury is one whose effects change the life of the victim permanently due to the damages the individual sustains. Some of the impacts of catastrophic injuries include permanent alteration of the physical appearance of individuals, their ability to move, mental capacities, speech, and their ability to live a healthy life.

There are many examples of injuries that are classified as catastrophic, such as:

  • Damage to the nerves
  • Injuries of the head, including a fractured skull
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Fractures of the spinal cord
  • Amputations
  • Permanent hearing impairment
  • Partial or total loss of sight

If a loved one has sustained the injuries listed above, you can seek the services of a New York personal injury lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Davis at (516) 730-3446 for more information on what constitutes a catastrophic injury.

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

It may take several weeks, months, or even years to recover from severe injuries. Individuals who suffer traumatic brain injuries or paralysis may never get their healthy lives back.

Medical bills will escalate, especially when an accident victim spends an extended period in the hospital. The cost will increase for individuals who receive intensive care or undergo costly corrective surgeries as part of the treatment process. The hefty medical bills may make it necessary to file an insurance claim that will aid in offsetting them. If you are planning on submitting a successful request, you have to go through the required steps.

Once the attorneys confirm that your case meets the necessary threshold requirements, they can handle the paperwork. There are two methods of handling such a case – with the help of your attorney, you can agree with the other party to settle the matter through negotiations, or if it is not applicable, you can file a lawsuit.

Choosing the Law Offices of Jonathan Davis for your Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident victims or their loved ones often find the elaborate process of filing claims, collecting relevant evidence, and presenting it a tiring process. With the assistance of a New York personal injury lawyer, you may have peace of mind knowing your case is being handled.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Davis, we understand all the necessary steps required in your journey to receiving proper compensation.

We also work on a contingency-fee basis so that we can advocate as much as possible for personal injury victims. This means that we can get started on your potential case without you owing us any fees up front or out of pocket. We only collect our legal service fees if we secure a settlement or court-awarded recovery in your favor.

This way, you can rest easy knowing you can get started on your potential case as soon as possible to abide by the state’s deadlines for filing a personal injury lawsuit, if needed. You should not have to suffer further harm as a result of your accident.

Depending on your personal injury case, we can gather relevant evidence to attempt to prove your claim. Our team can hunt down the facts to help you and your loved ones seek financial compensation for your damages. Our team can seek awards to cover:

  • Pain and suffering, along with emotional distress
  • Hospital bills
  • Income lost due to the event
  • And more

You may be entitled to more awards, so it can help to speak to a lawyer to get a better understanding of your case.

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Have you sustained severe injuries as a result of an accident? According to New York Law CPLR 214(5), you have three years after an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. Letting the clock run out on a per sonal injury claim means you may not be able to receive any sort of compensation for your struggles.

However, there are certain cases that may not fall under this statute of limitations, so it can be helpful to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Davis, we have a team of lawyers who want to see how they may be able to help you. Our New York personal injury lawyers can walk with you through all lawsuit processes in your pursuit of justice. Call us today at (516) 730-3446 for more information through a free consultation.

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